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Everything You Need To Know About Gold Texture

Gold and precious stones provides an evident harmony. The jewelry industry is such that one cannot think of it one without the other. For instance, when one thinks of gold trinkets, image of precious stone studded gold trinkets come to one’s mind. Among the various types of jewellery available, gold is considered to be one of the most precious metals as unlike silver they are resistance to tarnish and corrosion.

Jewellery stores in Woodbridge states that gold texture has been often used in yellow form in order to make 22k or 18k trinkets. Nowadays, the taste of people is undergoing a sea change. The taste for jewellery among women is not the same. Woman no longer loves to wear heavy weight trinkets. Rather they prefer to go for light weight ones.

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Important Fact about Gold Texture

Jewellery stores in Woodbridge  claims that just like the yellow gold texture is highly popular so is the hues of rose gold and white gold. Many platinum trinkets come with a small brush of white or rose gold in them. Many women who have become bored with the same old gold texture are going for rose gold trinkets. Rose gold trinkets come with a slight pinkish tinge. Apart from rose gold, other kind of textures that are available in the market are:


This kind of Gold texture got its inspiration from Nature like the dense growth of branches. This texture is brought about by the unevenness of the filigree and can be easily applied vertically or horizontally. Artisans need to carefully draw the lines in order to bring the effect.

Diamond Dust

This gold texture is exactly like the surface of sandpaper. It provides a grainy feel and looks like a sparkling glitter. When knurling tool is run along the surface of gold easily cut minute specks. While polishing jewellery stores in Woodbridge the grains become glossy and shiny. The surface between the grains is muted so that it gives the impression of casual scattering of diamond dust.

Thermocoljewellery stores in woodbridge

One impressive gold texture is the thermocol or the honeycomb look. This look is usually achieved by beating the surface of the gold with a blunt tool and gives a dent look. However, the stunning effect is created when the dents catch and reflect light in every direction. It is ideal for minimalistic trinkets.


The bark of a tree looks sensational and beautiful. Jewellery stores in Woodbridge feel that this look can be easily created on the surface of gold. The look of the rolling lines is created through hand etching tools. The subtle look of this gold texture makes an ornament look even more beautiful when it’s studded with jewels or used in plain gold trinkets.


Within the jewellery industry, denim gold texture is becoming highly popular. The diagonal crisscross pattern when rightly done over trinkets can bring out high polish and grooves the beautiful texture makes it ideal to be worn alone without experimenting with any other trinkets.

Jewellery stores in Woodbridge states that these are some of the amazing types of gold textures which can be brought in the trinkets. Each kind of textures being unique can easily stand out from the crowd.

Most Famous Jewellery Designs Worn By Celebrities

It’s the dream of every girl to wear a jewelry or dress design that has been worn by celebrities. Celebrities wear fancy and trendy jewelleries on shows, events, and movies. New jewellery designs are being introduced every now and then. For example, you can see skinny cuffs to dainty mid rings. If you want to look trendy with jewelleries worn by celebrities, take a look at some of the design from jewellery stores Toronto that you can try out.

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Chunky Chains

These chunky chains have mainly been inspired by Lily Collins. You will be able to wear it with dresses or simple tops over a denim trouser. The best part about the chunky chain is that it is capable of making a simple dress look elegant and sophisticated. This is particularly a statement necklace without the bells and the whistles. In case gold is too much for your style statement, you can opt for two-toned enameled design. This will add an extra oomph to the neckpiece. Try these out and dazzle the onlookers. This one from jewellery stores Toronto is just the perfect jewellery for a date.

Statement Studs

The statement studs are in fad. The style has been inspired by Cate Blanchett. This is something that looks simple and elegant. These are oversized earrings that contain clusters of intricate details. You can wear this if you are planning on attending a sophisticated party. The chic look of the studs makes it look unique. Usually, the studs have stone fittings which add glamor to the stud.

Bib Necklace

Bib necklace is a neck piece which has been inspired by Olivia Palermo. This is the trendiest way to make your attire stand out. You can layer them over a button-down-button-up to get the classy look. This will accentuate your neck. In case you do not have any earring to go with a dress, you should simply wear a bib necklace and complete the look.

Reptile Bracelets

Reptile bracelet is a unique piece of jewellery. The animals like snakes, lizards, and alligators have slithered their way on to the wrist. You can add a bangle to the stack. If you want, you can also keep it minimal by wearing only single cuff. This is a great accessory jewellery stores Toronto that can make your simple skirt and top appear glamorous.

Scripted Love Rings

Another jewellery from jewellery stores Toronto which has been inspired by celebrity is scripted love rings. This has been introduced by Jennifer Lopez. Words like love, cool, and happy are engraved on the rings. These rings look elegant and sophisticated. You will be able to stay on trend with a delicate ring like this.

Ring Bracelet Chain

This jewellery has been inspired by Rashida Jones. It is actually a ring and bracelet in one piece. You will be able to adjoin the two with the help of a simple and sweet gold chain. If you want to make it more stunning, you can choose the ones with charming emblishment.

These jewelleries worn by celebrities from jewellery stores Toronto will make you look more sophisticated and stunning. You are sure to turn head if you wear them to any event.