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E Nails and Accessories in Canada

If you are a dabbing expert, you must be well aware of butane torches. As a matter of fact, dabbing involves more than just lighting up the torch. One needs to prepare the dab in order to enjoy the best flavor and best dabbing experience. However, butane torches worked pretty well, till a better alternative, such as e-nails came up.

Technological advancement has allowed coming up with e nails Canada. Electronic nails are also known as e-nails is a great tool for dabbing and vaping experience. The tool is known to provide a consistent temperature so that the dab becomes not too hot neither too cold.

What Are E-Nails?

Electronic nails are a dabbing device that makes use of an electric coil in order to keep the nail at a steady temperature. It comes in metal boxes along with a coil port, switches, and a PID that keeps a check on the current temperature. The main point of using this device is the ability to control the temperature.

The coils for the e nails Canada come in two different sizes. One should always choose a coil that is designed for the nail. This, in turn, can improve the overall experience of the dabber.

e nails canada

E-Nail Box

When you plan to purchase an electronic nail, you need to know about its different parts. They are:

  • Power Cord

  • Heating Coil

  • Nail

  • Control Box

    While these are some of the basic things contained within the box, e-nail vapes makes use of electronic heating elements in order to vaporize oil concentrates. However, e nails Canada should not be used with any e-liquids. Instead, they are designed to work with dabs and concentrated.

Electronic Nails Need Different Accessories

When one plans to go for e nails, one need to know about different accessories. They are:

  • Heating Coil – The coil is used for heating the nails.


  • Vaporizer Dab Rig – It is a type of a modified water pipe that is used for dabbing. Instead of a connector, a bubbler is used. The joints are used to hold the nails.


  • Carb Caps – In order tomaximize the flavor while dabbing through e nails Canada, carb caps can be of great help. It can allow the element to get cooled before one starts the dabbing.

    e nails canada

  • Mats – Those who want to dab should make use of bad mats or rag. A mat can prevent the place from becoming too sticky with oil spill. The dab mats are designed in such a way that it can wipe off the spills or dabs.

  • Replacement Nails – If one gets bored with Titanium nails, one can go for the Ceramic or Quartz nails.

  • Extraction Kit – Most of the e nail Canada stores can provide this kit to customers. It can be used for extracting concentrates.

  • Container – One can also purchase containers in order to store the dabs or concentrates.

  • Filter Screens – It can help one to get pure extracts and leaving behind particles.

Hopefully, with all these information you would simply love the dabbing. Getting right combination can help to enjoy better dabbing experience.